By way of explanation….

Family history intrigues me. We can’t exist without being affected by our family before us. I don’t necessarily mean just our DNA, but their health, their jobs, their environment, their conflicts and their experiences all must trickle down to affect who we are, not only because of place, but because of genes. At least, that’s my belief.

We all like to think we have come from “good stock” and that means different things to different people. What I have learned in my short time of researching family history is that everyone has skeletons in their cupboard; no-one is perfect. It is often the skeletons in the cupboards that make our family histories so intriguing. I like to think that by bringing these skeletons out and giving them a shake, we give them a voice; we can put things in perspective and understand better why they made certain decisions, why they chose to live a certain way. In some lives, there was no choice.

The purpose of this blog is to lay out as much as I can find out about the family history of the Flannerys for those who are interested, in particular my step-children and their children. I can’t promise to get it exactly right, but I will do my best. In doing so, I have the support of my husband, John James Campbell Flannery.

Lynn Flannery


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